Lola & Kate was founded in 2013 by Anna and Martine. Now in the summer of 2017, I,  Anniek Laumans, will take over the beautiful brand, and handle it with the same care as they always did.

The frames of Lola & Kate are a perfect finish on you wall, and perfect of interior decoration. To bring that something extra to your home. The combination of the softness from the feathers and the strongness of the steel framed makes this a unique piece on your wall in your interior. 

The products are all handmade and all feathers are handpicked and chosen by Lola & Kate. Therefore each frame can differ slightly from what you see on the picture. All feathers are enclosed in glass, front and back, within a stainless steel frame.

Most frames are made to order, please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

If you have any special request, questions, B2B inquiries please get in touch: